Transformative Journey

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Program Overview

Is a transformative team building program designed to unlock the full potential of your team. Over the course of three days and two nights, participants will engage in a series of dynamic and engaging activities carefully curated to foster collaboration, enhance communication, and ignite creativity. Through experiential learning, reflection, and action planning, teams will develop stronger bonds, discover individual strengths, and cultivate a culture of innovation.

Program Outline:

This program adopts and inwards-outwards approach, starting with assisting participants in attaining personal mastery, then progressing to building trust and teamwork, and finally addressing organizational issues and problems collectively as a team. Program CORE components will be as per the following;

  • Setting the Foundation – Team dynamics; establish team norms, goals & values.
  • Effective communication strategies & active listening skills
  • Trust Building & Vision setting
  • Collaboration & Creativity – Innovation, Design thinking
  • Integration and Action – Action planning, Feedbacks & Reflection

For comprehensive details of program outline will be shared upon discussion.
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