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Program Overview

When employees lose motivation or feel disconnected, it's detrimental to any organization. To reinvigorate them and foster a lasting positive mindset, attitude, and teamwork, companies often resort to incentives like trips and rewards. However, if these don't address the core issue of commitment, they fall short. UOA Academy offers a powerful team-building program based on years of experience. It's fun, interactive, and designed to realign and energize employees, fostering trust and respect. The program includes crucial sessions on empathy and active listening to enhance understanding and support within the team. It's also an opportunity to recognize high achievers and future leaders. Through engaging activities and dynamic debriefing, participants undergo meaningful change and growth.

Program Outline:

This program adopts and inwards-outwards approach, starting with assisting participants in attaining personal mastery, then progressing to building trust and teamwork, and finally addressing organizational issues and problems collectively as a team. Program CORE components will be as per the following;

  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Positive mindset, attitude & teamwork
  • Empathy & Active Listening
  • Recognizing High Achievers

For comprehensive details of program outline will be shared upon discussion.
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