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Succession Planning: Prepare your Next Generation

August 1, 2023 - August 2, 2023

The Succession Planning: Prepare your Next Generation course is designed to provide organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop effective succession planning strategies and groom their next generation of leaders. Over the course of two days,
participants will explore the key concepts and best practices in succession planning, assess leadership competencies, identify high-potential employees, and create comprehensive succession plans. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises,
participants will gain the skills and insights to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and maintain organizational continuity.

Target Audience
The Succession Planning: Prepare your Next Generation course is designed for HR professionals, talent managers, senior executives, and individuals responsible for talent management and leadership development within organizations. It is suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries that recognize the importance of strategic succession planning and want to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Learning Outcomes
● Understand the importance and benefits of succession planning for organizational sustainability.
● Identify key leadership competencies and assess the potential of employees for future leadership roles.
● Develop a comprehensive succession planning strategy aligned with organizational goals.
● Create individual development plans to nurture and groom high-potential employees.
● Implement talent assessment and identification processes to identify successors.

Course Outlines:
Day 1:
Module 1: Introduction to Succession Planning
● Understanding the importance and benefits of succession planning.
● Exploring the impact of effective succession planning on organizational sustainability.
● Identifying the challenges and common misconceptions about succession planning.

Module 2: Leadership Competencies and Talent Assessment
● Defining key leadership competencies and their relevance to organizational success.
● Assessing and identifying high-potential employees for future leadership roles.
● Conducting talent gap analysis to determine developmental needs.

Module 3: Developing a Succession Planning Strategy
● Aligning succession planning with organizational goals and objectives.
● Creating a structured framework for succession planning.
● Establishing criteria and guidelines for identifying potential successors.

Module 4: Individual Development Planning
● Designing individual development plans for high-potential employees.
● Providing targeted training, mentoring, and coaching opportunities.
● Monitoring progress and adjusting development plans as needed.


Day 2:
Module 5: Talent Assessment and Identification
● Implementing talent assessment methods and tools.
● Conducting succession reviews and talent calibration sessions.
● Identifying and nurturing successors for critical roles.

Module 6: Cultivating a Culture of Talent Development
● Building a supportive culture that values talent development and growth.
● Creating opportunities for career advancement and progression.
● Engaging employees through career planning and development initiatives.

Module 7: Communication and Change Management during Succession Transitions
● Developing effective communication strategies during succession transitions.
● Managing resistance and addressing concerns of employees.
● Facilitating smooth leadership handovers and transitions.

Module 8: Risk Mitigation and Evaluation
● Identifying and mitigating risks associated with succession planning.
● Establishing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for succession planning
● Learning from successes and failures to improve future succession plans.

Module 9: Long-Term Succession Planning Framework
● Creating a sustainable long-term succession planning framework.
● Incorporating continuous feedback and improvement loops.
● Ensuring ongoing leadership development and talent pipeline.

RM 1,000.00 Per Person (HRD Corp Claimable Course)
Kindly scan or click on the link below for your 
Learning Registration.
For any enquiries, please contact us at:
UOA Academy Sdn Bhd
UOA Corporate Tower, Lobby A, Avenue 10, The Vertical
Bangsar South City, No 8 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 6019 225 0942 / 6016 806 1760 / 6016 241 3517
Email: register@uoa-academy.com
Cancellation & Transfer
Please note that should this registration be cancelled fourteen (14) days before the day of the training, a 50% cancellation charge will be imposed. If cancellation is made seven (7) days before the training, full payment of the training will be levied. Please note that amendments can only be made to the above arrangement by giving a minimum of three (3) working days’ notice.
Disclaimer: UOA Academy reserves the right to make changes to the venue, date, and speaker, including cancellation of the workshop if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.



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August 1, 2023
August 2, 2023
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