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Developing & Embracing Growth Mindset

August 15, 2023 - August 16, 2023

The Developing & Embracing Growth Mindset course is designed to help individuals cultivate a growth mindset, which is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication, effort, and a willingness to learn. This two-day training program will provide participants with the knowledge and strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, embrace challenges, persist through setbacks, and foster a culture of continuous growth and improvement. Through interactive activities, discussions, and self-reflection, participants will develop the mindset and skills necessary to thrive personally and professionally.

Target Audience
The Developing & Embracing Growth Mindset course is suitable for individuals at all levels within an organization who want to foster a growth mindset and cultivate personal and professional development. It is beneficial for employees, managers, leaders, and individuals seeking to overcome limiting beliefs, embrace challenges, and promote a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Learning Outcomes
● Understand the concept of growth mindset and its importance in personal and professional development.
● Identify and challenge limiting beliefs that hinder personal and professional growth.
● Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and develop persistence in the face of setbacks.
● Implement effective learning strategies and leverage effort to continuously improve

Course Outlines:
Session 1: Introduction to Growth Mindset
● Understanding the concept of growth mindset
● Differentiating between fixed and growth mindsets
● Recognizing the benefits of adopting a growth mindset

Session 2: Self-Awareness and Limiting Beliefs
● Identifying personal limiting beliefs and their impact
● Challenging and reframing limiting beliefs
● Cultivating self-awareness for growth and development

Session 3: Embracing Challenges and Persistence
● Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth
● Strategies for maintaining motivation and persistence
● Overcoming fear of failure and embracing a growth mindset

Session 4: Effort and Learning Strategies
● The role of effort and deliberate practice in skill development
● Identifying effective learning strategies for continuous improvement
● Developing a growth-oriented approach to learning and development

Day 2:
Session 5: Resilience and Adaptability
● Building resilience to bounce back from setbacks
● Developing adaptability to navigate change and uncertainty
● Strategies for maintaining a positive and growth-oriented mindset

Session 6: Embracing Feedback and Criticism
● Receiving and leveraging feedback for growth
● Constructive ways to provide feedback to others
● Overcoming defensiveness and using feedback to improve

Session 7: Cultivating a Growth Mindset Culture
● Strategies for promoting a growth mindset in teams and organizations
● Creating an environment that encourages learning and development
● Building collaboration, support, and a growth-oriented community

Session 8: Goal Setting and Growth Plans
● Setting meaningful goals aligned with a growth mindset
● Developing action plans for personal and professional growth
● Tracking progress and celebrating achievements

Session 9: Applying Growth Mindset in Everyday Life
● Integrating growth mindset principles into daily routines and activities
● Overcoming obstacles and self-imposed limitations
● Sustaining a growth mindset for long-term success

Session 10: Reflection and Next Steps
● Reflecting on the learning journey and personal growth
● Identifying areas for continued growth and development
● Creating a plan for ongoing application and reinforcement of a growth mindset

RM 1,000.00 Per Person (HRD Corp Claimable Course)
Kindly scan or click on the link below for your 
Learning Registration.
For any enquiries, please contact us at:
UOA Academy Sdn Bhd
UOA Corporate Tower, Lobby A, Avenue 10, The Vertical
Bangsar South City, No 8 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 6019 225 0942 / 6016 806 1760 / 6016 241 3517
Email: register@uoa-academy.com
Cancellation & Transfer
Please note that should this registration be cancelled fourteen (14) days before the day of the training, a 50% cancellation charge will be imposed. If cancellation is made seven (7) days before the training, full payment of the training will be levied. Please note that amendments can only be made to the above arrangement by giving a minimum of three (3) working days’ notice.
Disclaimer: UOA Academy reserves the right to make changes to the venue, date, and speaker, including cancellation of the workshop if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.



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August 15, 2023
August 16, 2023
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